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All year round the town has that something special about it, that inviting smell of wood fires that permeate the air & the sound of the siren indicating the breaks in the local football games on a cold winter afternoon to the hot summer days when you can escape the heat by driving a short distance to a creek or river that run below the Bunyip State forest.

Two local hotels which serve a great cold ale & a classic pub meal.

The country train service which makes commuting a breeze and the sensational freeway access that brings the city within an hours drive.

Bunyip has something to offer everyone property wise, from outer-lying broad acreages to small hobby farms & lifestyle properties, modern homes on good old fashioned sized parcels of land or a number of quality unit sites that are built to protect the towns integrity.

There is nothing negative to be written about the town and the proof is in the pudding when you consider that once people buy in the township they very rarely leave.